Introducing RubyDex
Who are we?
Why RubyDex?
The Dex Advantage
A Cex Experience
What does this mean for you?
RubyDex Intro
Introducing RubyDex
Our team is incredibly excited to bring you a new and innovative Layer-2 Derivatives Dex that offers the trading experience of a CEX. With RubyDex, you will have access to hundreds of linear contract perpetual futures across all major blockchains without ever giving up control of your funds. Before we dive deeper into what makes RuByDex special, we want you to know more about our team and our motivations.
Who are we?
The RubyDEX team is comprised of seasoned crypto-natives and financial experts.
Our combined experience amounts to upwards of 50 years in finance and 30 years in crypto. We boast talent hailing from world-class organizations such as Alibaba, Facebook, TikTok, Microsoft, Citi Bank, and multiple crypto exchanges. Needless to say, not only do we understand finance well, but we're experts in technology, blockchain, and crypto.
We share a strong belief that the core tenets of decentralization, self-ownership, and true financial freedom are inexorably linked to a brighter future. Time and time again, centralized exchanges and other financial players that purposefully obfuscate the management of their user funds have failed with devastating consequences. One doesn't have to look further than the current news dominating our industry to find countless examples of such failure. Many decentralized exchanges have risen to offer an alternative. Though these are a step in the right direction, we're disappointed in their poor performance and lack of focus on customer experience.
RubyDex is the manifestation of our answer to everything we perceive is missing or simply not good enough.
Why RubyDex?
At the core of every financial exchange, whether centralized or decentralized, lies the fundamental mission to provide the best trading tools to as many people as possible. The centralized approach offers you a convenient and optimized experience at the cost of your ability to control your funds. Decentralized alternatives allow you to maintain custody but sacrifice functionality and performance.
RubyDex offers you the best of both worlds.
1.The Dex Advantage
The primary advantage that we share with other decentralized exchanges is our non-custodial nature. Never will you be asked to create an account with us, provide us with all your personal information, and deposit your funds into accounts that we control. Beyond this one fundamental similarity, RubyDex offers a superior service in all other meaningful areas. While most of our competitors are available on one or two blockchains, we plan to deploy on all major Layer-2s and networks like Arbitrum, Avalanche, BSC, OP, Polygon, zkSync, and much more with each subsequent development phase. Similarly, while the selection of supported assets and currencies is quite limited amongst derivatives Dex, our Phase 1 release will already feature more than 100 crypto perpetual futures. The roadmap for 2023 has us releasing crypto indexes and ETF perpetuals next. Before the end of the year, we will also add perpetuals for stocks, stock ETFs, stock indexes, commodities, and other highly attractive traditional financial offerings. This is only the tip of the iceberg as our markets are limitless given our permissionless listing model.
2.A Cex Experience
Where we truly deviate from our competitors is in our ability to offer the same efficiency, liquidity, and responsive trading experience as a centralized exchange.
Our unique system architecture is designed to optimize efficiency by leveraging both centralized and decentralized zones. Your funds will always remain safe as your wallets only ever interact with our decentralized zones. The centralized zones that include cloud servers are only employed to host our core trading engines capable of matching the speed of any Cex. In addition, all trading data will periodically be sent to our smart contracts keeping balances updated and accurate.
For superior liquidity, we employ an Oder Book Model that reduces slippage, enables limit, market, and all other typical trading functions, and offers more flexibility to both institutional and smaller traders alike. To improve on this model RubyDex has designed an innovative liquidity pool system dedicated to lending assets to professional market makers to help populate our order books. Market Makers (MMs) will have an instant source of liquidity that will flow into our DEX, while Liquidity Providers (LPs) invested in these pools will earn flexible APYs based on interest rates paid by MMs.
Supplemented by individualized customer support, free educational content, and mobile tools or apps, RubyDex will match and exceed anything that any other Dex or Cex has to offer.
What does this mean for you?
As a trader, no longer will you have to rely on trusting centralized institutions with your funds or be subjected to an inferior service otherwise. Gone will be the days you have to worry about all-powerful CEOs being negligent at best or criminal at worst in the way they manage your money.
Access our exchange from any of your preferred blockchains while maintaining full control of your wallets and funds. Enjoy hundreds of listings, including perpetual futures of traditional financial assets that are not available anywhere else. Trade with the same order types, at the same speed, and with the same liquidity found on any centralized platform, but with none of the disadvantages.
Join our revolution as we seek to create more equitable and accessible financial opportunities for all while remaining unyielding in our adherence to decentralization.